We only accept building materials at this location: doors, windows, tools, hardware, plumbing, roofing, flooring, electrical, brick, etc.

*Scroll down for The Repurpose Project & Reuse Planet donation information and to see a list of items we NEVER take and items we CURRENTLY can not take due to capacity issues! Thank you for understanding our space and labor limitations!

Donation Hours:
Tues – Sat: 10am-5:00pm
Sun: 12-4pm

Renovator Reuse Store Phone: (352)672-5782
Truck Phone* (donation pickup): (352)647-0415
* Please note we do ask for (and sometimes require) a donation for material pickup. Sending our truck and drivers for a pickup is a considerable expense. The travel distance, quantity/quality of material, and difficulty to load determines the amount we request. We get a lot of pickup inquiries so please understand we can not always do the pickup in the timeframe you request.

We have THREE reuse stores now! Each one has a unique material focus!

We are working on improving our reuse model and customer experience, but for now we would love for you to donate BIG items to the store they will ultimately be sold at! Small items are easier for us to move around and we will accept them at both The Repurpose Project and Reuse Planet (Renovator Reuse is only accepting building material).

Renovator Reuse is our 3rd store (Building Material) Please donate: building material, doors, windows, tools, hardware, toilets, sinks, flooring, roofing and lumber to this location if possible!

Reuse Planet is our 2nd store (Traditional Thrift)
Please donate: furniture, clothes, shoes, household goods, framed art, electronics and antique/vintage items to this location if possible!

The Repurpose Project is our 1st store (Creative Reuse Art Supply & Junk Store) Please donate: art & craft material, fabric, office, school supply materials, frames and other weird material to this location if possible!

Thank you for understanding and respecting our restricted items! If you still have questions about a donation you can call one of our store phones:

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